The Artist

Ben Hansom is an illustrator and comic artist from North Yorkshire and is the creator of Underdogg. He is currently in the final stages of his degree in Comics, Graphic Novels and Sequential Art.

His artwork and comics primarily focus on humour, politics and mental health awareness and it was from his keen interest in positive wellbeing that Underdogg was born.

Ben wanted to create a character that children would enjoy whilst learning about the importance of positive mental wellbeing. The stories follow Underdogg who meets fellow animals on his travels and helps them overcome the obstacles in their path. Underdogg invites his friends to think about behaving differently and in doing so they are able to improve their wellbeing and achieve their goals..


Underdogg was created to make a difference and help young children and their families understand and consider their own wellbeing and look at ways to improve it. With the aim of generating conversations around how to deal with the challenges detailed in the comics, Ben hopes that the people who read his comics can see a positive change in their own lives.

Latest Underdogg Comics

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